How to Use Advance Tyre Lookup Feature in Garage Hive

The Advanced Tyre Lookup feature in Garage Hive enables the availability of a list of stock tyres in the system from tyre vendors/suppliers. This allows garages that trade in tyres to look up tyres in the system when they need to buy new tyres for selling.

To use this feature, you should first import a tyre stock file from the supplier, then proceed as follows:

  1. To add a tyre to a Jobsheet, open the Jobsheet and choose the line to which the tyre will be added. Enter the tyre size in the format T1956015, where T is for Tyre, 195 is for tyre cross section width, 60 is for sidewall height, and 15 is for rim diameter. Press the Tab key.
  2. The Advanced Tyre Lookup page will open, displaying a list of all available tyres in the specified size. This excludes any additional Catalogue Items added to the system. Select the tyre you need from the list.
  3. Click OK to add the tyre to the Jobsheet. A tyre item will be created in the system and added to the Jobsheet.