Re-ordering Policies and Requisition Worksheets

Reordering policies and requisition worksheets help manage your stock by suggesting orders and creating purchase orders based on your available inventory. It is recommended that you run the requisition worksheet each day.

Setting up the Item Card

To use the requisition worksheet you must first setup the item cards:

  1. Open each Item Card to setup and scroll down to the Planning FastTab.
  2. Set the Reordering Policy field to Maximum Qty from the available options; this will enable the Reorder Point field.
  3. The Reorder Point is the quantity at which the Item must be reordered. This is the data that the Garage Hive system will use to recommend an order. Add the quantity.
  4. You do not need to enter your Maximum Inventory.

  5. For garages with multiple locations with different Reorder Points, you can use the Stockkeeping Units feature to specify different Reorder Points.
  6. From the actions bar, select More Options, then Related, Warehouse, and Stock Keeping Units.

  7. Select New from the actions bar, then +New to create a new Stockkeeping Unit, which functions similarly to the item card for the same item but per location.
  8. Select the location to specify the Reorder Point in the Location Code field.
  9. Scroll down to the Planning FastTab and select Maximum Quantity as the Reordering Policy and enter the quantity at which to place an order in the Reorder Point field.

  10. Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 for all the locations.

Using the Requisition Worksheet

The Requisition Worksheet can be accessed from the Service Advisor’s Role Centre:

  1. Select Purchasing from the Navigation menu, then Requisition Worksheets Express.
  2. From the Requisition Worksheet Page, select the Default Journal.

  3. Once the Journal has opened, select Calculate Plan from the actions bar.
  4. If you only have one site, leave the filters blank; if you have multiple sites, use the Location Filter field to select a specific location. When finished, click Ok. A list of suggested orders will be generated.

  5. Select the checkboxes for the lines you want to process in the Accept column, choose a vendor in the Vendor No. column, and then choose Process Lines from the actions bar. Purchase orders for the relevant suppliers will be generated.

  6. The Item Card can also be accessed from the actions bar, and the Item Policies can be viewed from the FactBox on the right (if not visible, click on the FactBox icon).

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