Garage Hive Training Module - Service Advisor - Beginners

These training modules are designed to train users on the basic process in Garage Hive. Users will be tested on all the modules before your go-live date and scored on progress.

It is important to understand all elements of the process to benefit from all the value Garage Hive has to offer.

Module 1 - Getting started

Module 1 looks at logging into Garage Hive for the first time, creating a booking and populating a jobsheet with some labours and items.

Welcome to your role centre

How to create a booking

How to populate a jobsheet

Module 1 test

  • Logging into Garage Hive
  • Creating a booking
  • Creating a customer card
  • Adding comments to a jobsheet
  • Adding labours to a jobsheet
  • Adding items to a jobsheet
  • Adding a service package to a jobsheet

Module 2 - Purchasing

Module 2 looks at purchasing in Garage Hive. In this module you will learn how to raise a purchase order from a jobsheet and how to process the purchase order once the invoice has arrived. You will also how to view your items to return report and how to raise a purchase return order.

How to create a purchase order

How to process a purchase order/invoice

How to view items to return

How to create a purchase return order

Module 2 test

  • Creating multiple purchase orders
  • Processing a purchase order
  • Creating an item card
  • Posting a purchase order
  • Viewing your items to return report
  • Creating a purchase return order
  • Shipping items on return
  • Posting a purchase return order

Module 3 - Processing Jobsheets & Invoicing

Module 3 looks at the process when a customer arrives to drop their vehicle off. You will learn how to use features for marking vehicles as on-site, assigning parking locations and key numbers and adding expected collection times. In module 3 you will also learn how to process a jobsheet from complete to ready for collection and how to convert a jobsheet into an invoice.

How to process a vehicle arriving

How to process a jobsheet to invoice

Module 3 test

  • Marking a vehicle on-site
  • Assigning a key number to a jobsheet
  • Adding customer comments to a jobsheet
  • Adding an expected collection time to a jobsheet
  • Allocating a jobsheet to a technician on the schedule
  • Processing a complete jobsheet
  • Marking a jobsheet as ready for collection
  • Taking payments to a jobsheet
  • Posting a jobsheet and creating an invoice

Module 4 - Estimates & Vehicle Inspections

Module 4 looks at the differences between an estimate and a vehicle inspection estimate. You will learn how to create an estimate and convert an estimate to a jobsheet. You will also learn how to process a vehicle inspection into a vehicle inspection estimate and copy the authorised work back to the jobsheet.

How to create an Estimate

How to process a Vehicle Inspection

Module 4 test

  • Creating an estimate
  • Converting an estimate to a jobsheet
  • Processing a vehicle inspection
  • Copying authorised work to a jobsheet
  • Setting estimate reminders