Processing Jobsheets & Invoicing

Here we will look at the process of when a customer arrives to drop their vehicle off. You will learn how to use features for marking vehicles as on-site, assigning parking locations and key numbers and adding expected collection times. In module 3 you will also learn how to process a jobsheet from complete to ready for collection and how to convert a jobsheet into an invoice.

How to process a vehicle arriving

How to process a jobsheet to invoice

Now practice these steps

  • Marking a vehicle as on-site
  • Assigning a key number to a jobsheet
  • Adding customer comments to a jobsheet
  • Adding an expected collection time to a jobsheet
  • Allocating a jobsheet to a technician on the schedule
  • Marking a jobsheet as ready for collection
  • Taking payments to a jobsheet
  • Posting a jobsheet and creating an invoice