Adding a Resource (Person or Machine) in Garage Hive

In Garage Hive, resources can be set up to be either a person or a machine, for example, technicians for a person resource, courtesy car for a machine resource, type of bay (e.g Diagnostics Bay) for a machine resource and so on. Here’s how to add a resource to Garage Hive:

  1. In the top-right corner, choose the icon, enter Resources, and choose the related link.
  2. From the Resources page, select New from the menu bar, followed by +New.

  3. In the General FastTab, enter the number of the resource in the No. field; you can enter a short form of the resource, and then enter the full name of the resource in the Name field.
  4. Select the Type field as either Person or Machine, and then scroll down to Resource Subtype and select the type of resource that you are adding; this could be a Tech, MOT Bay, General Ramp, Admin Staff, Tech Apprentice, or Courtesy Vehicle. In this case, we’ll use Courtesy Vehicle, which is a machine.

  5. When done close the page, and the resource card will now be created.
  6. To include the resource in the Default Resource Group, search for Schedule Resource Groups, then select Default Schedule Group from the list, followed by Specifications in the menu bar.

  7. Select New from the menu bar, and then select the newly added resource from the drop down list.

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