Creating a New Jobsheet From Various Places in Garage Hive

A Jobsheet can be created from various places in Garage Hive:

  1. From a VIE
  2. From an Estimate
  3. From the schedule
  4. From Online booking

Let’s look at how to make a Jobsheet from the places listed above:

Creating Jobsheet from Vehicle Inspection Estimate

When creating a VIE for a customer, the Customer Authorised lines can be used to generate a Jobsheet. This makes it simpler to convert an estimate directly into a Jobsheet. To make a Jobsheet from a VIE:

  1. Select Home and then Copy Authorised Lines to Jobsheet from the menu bar. You have the option of creating a new Jobsheet or selecting an existing one.

Creating a Jobsheet from an Estimate

When a customer requests a quotation prior to bringing the vehicle on site, the quotation you create can be converted to a Jobsheet once the customer approves and brings the vehicle on site.

  1. From the estimate, click Home, and then select Copy Authorised Lines to Jobsheet or Make Jobsheet to generate a Jobsheet.

Creating a Jobsheet from the Schedule

When booking directly from the schedule, you can also create a Jobsheet from there:

  1. Open the Schedule and choose the Start Date for the booking.

  2. Click and drag along the Service bay or any other work bay to make a booking, then select an allocation and click OK to create a Jobsheet.

  3. Enter the vehicle and customer details, and click Close.

  4. For the Technician resource, you can only choose an existing Jobsheet.

Creating a Jobsheet from Online Booking

When customers book online, the bookings are directly reflected in the system from the Role Centre, where a Jobsheet is created.

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