Removing and Adding Posting Restrictions

Garage Hive as default is set with a posting restriction for both Sales and Purchase Invoices. This is to prevent documents being posted to the original document date rather than the actual date when the document is being posted to the ledgers.

This can be removed however it is recommended placing the restriction back on once you have completed any rectification work.

To remove the posting restriction

  • Click on the 💡 in the top right hand corner.
  • Search for User Setup
  • Select User Setup from the List

You will then see a list of all of your users within Garage Hive.

  • Highlight the relevant user name from the list who needs the restriction removing.
  • Select Manage from the Taskbar
  • Choose ✏ Edit

This will open up the User Setup Card

  • Within the User Setup Card, you will see Service Posting Only Today and Purchase Posting Only Today. By removing this slider selection this will now enable that User to post a document to a previous date.

To replace the posting restriction

  • Ensure that the slider against either Service Posting Only Today and Purchase Posting Only Today has been reselected.

Please note, that all documents default the posting date to the date they were created, therefore if the restriction is not put back on you may have issues with incorrect dates for both Sales and Purchase Invoices.