Previewing and Publishing Online Documents

Previewing an online document is done when the document to be previewed has been edited and you want to confirm how it will look when sent to the customer, whereas publishing is done when the document is finished and ready to send to the customer.

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  2. How to publish an online document

How to preview an online document

To preview an online document from a jobsheet:

  1. Scroll down to the Group Items section (where you have already created the groups, read Grouping document lines).
  2. Depending on the level of urgency and the nature of the job, add an Action Category to each group. You have the option of customising the action categories or using the pre-defined action categories.

    All action categories must have an action category Type to ensure that they are placed in a group online.
  3. To preview the online document, select Print/Send from the document actions bar, then Publish Online Document and set the Mode to Internal Preview. Because Internal Preview is always the default mode, you can click OK.

  4. On the current document, you can edit the intro to be specific to the customer, but the intro text will revert to the default text when the document is published. Click on the Intro Text field from the Publish Online Document page to edit the intro text.

How to publish an online document

After you have finished preparing the document and are ready to send it to the customer, you can now publish it. To make the document available to the customer, follow these steps:

  1. From the document actions bar, select Print/Send, Publish Online Document and then choose the Mode to be Publish to Customer.
  2. In the Publish Online Document page, select the method for sending the online document. It could be via SMS, email, or both.
  3. You can also personalise the text used for the SMS, Email or the online document introduction, or use the previously saved text messages.
  4. Click OK, to send the online document to the customer.

  5. Scroll down to the Online Document FastTab to see what actions the customer takes from the sent online document. Here you can see how many edit versions of the document are available, when the published online document was opened, when it will expire, and so on.

  6. When a customer takes action, the Online Document FastTab is updated after a while. The following is an example of when the customer approves the document.

If the document is edited after it has been published, it must be republished. The previously sent document version is revoked and customer needs to use the latest online document link.

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