Easy Clocking

Easy Clocking is where the Technician will work from the majority of the time. He will use Easy Clocking for most of his daily tasks such as: -

  • Clocking in/out of work.
  • Viewing their tasks for the day.
  • Clocking on/off jobs.
  • Clocking on/off breaks.
  • Being able to view which job he is currently clocked on.

Within the Easy Clocking Tab there are several options: -

A. My Status - The technician can see whether they are “Working or Not Working” (Clocked into work or not) as well as what their Current Task is at that moment in time.

Understanding the Controls

⏸ - To place an allocation on hold.

▶ - To resume an allocation.

✅ - Complete/Finish an allocation.

B. My Tasks - A technician can see all tasks which he has been allocated throughout that specific day. This will include all allocations: -

  • Pending
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Finished.

Within each allocation the technician can also see: -

  • Extended Status Codes - i.e. Customer Waiting 🙋‍/ Urgent 🚩/ Collection & Deliveries 🏠
  • Vehicle on Site - Yes ✅ / No ❌
  • Key Number - 🔑
  • Required Time for Completion - ⏰

They can Start Task or Open Jobsheet by clicking on a specific task.

C. On Break - By pressing this button the technician will automatically pause the allocation he is on and clock them on to a break.

They will see their current task as being on break and the job they were on. To resume the job they were press the :ballot_box_with_check: against the Break and the :arrow_forward: on the job they want to resume.

D. Select Existing Jobsheet - A technician can select a job to clock on themselves. This will be useful if a technician wants to clock onto another job to help another technician.