Vehicle Card

The Vehicle Card is made up with a combination of information from the VRM lookup and manual data.

It is very rare that a vehicle card would ever be made outside of creating it within a jobsheet/booking.

It is made up of several sub-headings.


Basic information relating to the vehicle. This is produced by using the VRM lookup.

Planning & Reminders

The vehicle planning and reminder dates can be manually updated, or a default period can be set to consistently update them. Learn more about customising vehicle planning and reminders dates here.


This is a combination of information produced via VRM such as Engine No and Capacity.
Manual updates to this section can be added such as Engine Oil Capacity and Engine Oil Specification.

This section can also be accessed and updated by a technician if they are a Device User.


This is updated via VRM lookup.

Body & Features

You can update this section manually with information such as Radio/Immobiliser/Key Codes.

Tyre, Wheels & Brakes

This section is to be manually updated. You can specific where the locking wheel nut location is, including manufacturers minimum thickness specification for brakes.

This section can also be accessed and updated by a technician if they are a Device User.

Performance & Economy


This section is linked with the Autodata Repair times, if this section is not filled in, you will need to update the VRM details for access Repair times.


This section shows the current owner linked with this vehicle.

Within the action bar there are also several further options: -


Update Vehicle Data by VRM - Update all vehicle information.

Update Vehicle Data by VIN - This is useful if a vehicle has a plate change, the information can be updated via VIN.

Update MOT Data by VRM - If you specifically want to update the MOT Data.


MOT History - View all MOT history of the vehicle which is taken from the DVSA website and includes all previous MOT failures and advisories.

Vehicle History - View all Service history of the vehicle.

Posted MOT History - View all MOT history of the vehicle.

Posted Jobsheets - View all posted jobsheets for this vehicle.

Posted Invoices - View all posted invoices for this vehicle including costs.

Posted Credit Memos - View any posted credits for this vehicle.

Posted Return Jobsheets - View any posted credits for this vehicle.

Customer Card - View the Customer information.

Process Checklist - See any completed checklists for this vehicle.

Estimates - View any estimates made for this vehicle.

Vehicle Health Checks

Jobsheets - See any open jobsheets for this vehicle.

Return Jobsheets - View any credits for this vehicle.