Understanding the Jobsheet Line Checker Notifications

The line checker is a column available in the Jobsheet Lines Sub-Page that provides notifications on the Item or Labour that has been added to the Jobsheet lines. This ensures that the user is aware of any errors, warnings, or information related to the added item or labour.

In this article, we will look at what they actually mean and the implications of posting the document:

Icon Description Implication to Posting Jobsheet
🚩 The red flag icon appears when item stock levels are insufficient, or when labour line resource information is missing. Prevents document from posting.
⚠️ The triangle warning icon appears when the selling amount in a line is less than or equal to zero, or if an item appears in more than one document lines. Doesn’t prevent the document from posting.
🔁 The Anticlockwise Downwards and Upwards Open Circle Arrows icon appears when there is a substitution available in the system for the item. Doesn’t prevent the document from posting.
ℹ️ The information icon, appears when there is more than one information available to display. Doesn’t prevent the document from posting.
📦 The package icon appears when the parts ordered from the Jobsheet have been received in the system. Doesn’t prevent the document from posting.

The Technician Jobsheet allows the technician to see notification about Item Unavailability as well as whether a substitute for the item exists. The following is how the notification appears and what the technician should do to view it:

  1. If a line(s) has a notification in the line checker, the icon appears in the show document lines action, and when clicked, it displays the lines with the notification in italic and bold for the Item No., as shown below.

  2. When the technician selects the line with the italic and bold item No., they will now see the icon notification on the Check field. The technician needs to click on the icon to find out what the notification is about.

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