Setting Up Payment by Card Terminal

To setup payment by Card Terminal:

  1. Payment Sense will send you an email with the details you’ll need to set up the integration; here’s an example:

  2. Open your Garage Hive system, in the top-right corner, choose the icon, enter Payment Gateways, and select the related link.
  3. Select New from the Payment Gateways page to add a new payment method.

  4. In the General FastTab of the Payment Gateway Card, enter the payment method code; in this case, we’ll add CARDTERMINAL.
  5. Select Card Terminal (Paymentsense) in the Payment System field.

  6. In the Card Terminal (Connect) FastTab, enter the details that are on the email from payment sense; that is User URL, API Key and the Terminal ID. After filling in the fields, enable the payment method by selecting the Enabled slider in General FastTab.

    The User URL is the number that appears at the beginning of the API URL. Only the number should be copied into the User URL field.

  7. Click the Back arrow to exit the Payment Gateway Card and save your changes. Your new payment method is now active.