Using Parts Sales Order in Garage Hive

Parts Sales Order is the document in which you record the parts to sell to the customer at the agreed-upon cost and quantity. Sales orders, allow you to ship partially, deliver directly from your vendor to your customer, and initiate inventory processing. The Sales Order process integrates sales invoicing.

Here’s how to use the Sales Order in Garage Hive:

  1. You can create a new Sales Order by selecting Sales Orders tile from the Parts Sales Admin role centre, or by creating one from a Sales Quote; select Process from the Sales Quote actions bar, followed by Make Order.
  2. From the Sales Order list page, select New from the actions bar.

  3. Enter the customer’s name in the Customer Name field (if the order is new and not created from a sales quote).
  4. Add the items for the parts ordered by the customer to the Lines sub-page.

  5. The column Unit Price (Calc.) Inc. VAT) assists you in calculating the selling price and margin; click on the amount in the column, and enter the Unit Price or Margin % in the Edit - Calc Price window. For example, you can enter a margin of 60 % for all items and so on.

  6. Select Print/Send from the actions bar, followed by Email Proforma Invoice to send the order confirmation to the customer.

  7. When you are ready to ship or invoice the order, select Posting from the actions bar and then Post. You are given three options:
    • Ship - if the customer hasn’t paid but you have sent the parts to the customer.
    • Invoice - can be used once the parts are shipped to create the sales invoice.
    • Ship and Invoice - if the customer has paid and you have sent the parts to the customer at the same time.

    Choose the suitable one for you and click OK.

  8. In the next window, select the method of payment from the customer and enter the amount in the Amount field to receive the payment. Click the Close button.
  9. In the next dialogue box, confirm the posting date and click Yes to continue. The Sales Order has been posted successfully. To view the invoice, open it.

  10. If a customer requests that the parts be fitted to the vehicle, you can generate a Jobsheet from the Sales Order. Enter the vehicle registration number in the Vehicle Registration No. field under the Service FastTab.
  11. Choose Process from the actions bar, followed by Create Jobsheet.

    If you continue without entering a Vehicle Registration No., the system will generate a dummy registration number that you can replace later.

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