Creating a Parts Sales Invoice in Garage Hive

Parts Sales Invoice is the document on which you register your parts sales to customers and invite them to pay according to the delivery and payment terms agreed upon. To manage the shipment process, use Sales Orders, in which sales invoicing is integrated.

To create a Sales Invoice:

  1. You can create a new Sales Invoice by selecting Sales from the navigation menu, followed by Sales Invoice in the Parts Sales Admin role centre, or by creating one from a Sales Quote; select Home from the Sales Quote menu bar, followed by Make Invoice.

  2. In the Sales Invoice list, select New from the action bars.

  3. In the General FastTab, you can add a Service Type, or leave the Service Type blank. Select the customer to add to the quote in the Customer Name field, then go to the Lines sub-page to add the items, and double-check that the correct price and quantity are added.

  4. When the customer pays the bill, you can proceed with posting the document and taking payment. select the Post option from the Take Payment split button dropdown menu under Home in the menu bar.

  5. Confirm that you want to Post, and then select the method of payment and enter the amount in the Amount field. Click Close.

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