Customer Online Authorisation Introduction

Garage Hive’s customer online authorisation feature enables garage owners to interact with consumers in real-time and receive immediate feedback on jobs that need to be done. The garage owner shares a Vehicle Inspection Estimate (VIE), an Estimate, or a Jobsheet report with customers via a system-generated link. Customers receive the link via email or SMS and can view and authorise the report from any device.

The following articles will help you better understand the functionality and use it more effectively:

To learn about See this article
Online documents setup Setting up online documents
Publish online documents Previewing and publishing online documents
Online documents in use Using online documents in estimates, checklists and vehicle inspection estimates
Online document customer’s action What Happens When a Customer Acts on a Sent Online Document?

This feature is available in Checklists, Estimates, Vehicle Inspection Estimates, and Jobsheets.

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