How to Manage System Users Within Garage Hive

Within Garage Hive, you can add and remove users in the system. The GHADMIN user is the ONLY user who can manage the users.

In this article

  1. Creating a Service Advisor user
  2. Creating a Technician user
  3. Enabling and disabling a user

Creating a Service Advisor user

  1. Search for User Management in the search icon at the top-right corner.
  2. The user management table opens; it displays all the users, their roles, statuses, user licences and the GH User licences for the system (right-hand side).

  3. To create a new Service Advisor user, click on Create User from the actions bar and enter the user details in the pop-up window.
  4. The system generates a username and password.

  5. Click Next to enter user contact details and notification settings for the user.
  6. Click next to specify the clocking preference for the user.

  7. The following two pages allow you to add the Salesperson Code or use an existing salesperson and choose whether to send a welcome email.

  8. After adding all the required information, click on Create to create the user.

  9. An email is sent to the new user with the login details, and they can now sign in.

Creating a Technician user

To create a Technician user:

  1. Click on Create from the actions bar and enter the user details and contact details in the following two pages.

  2. On the third page, select Will be using Easy Clocking and add the Schedule Resource Group Code that the technician will be using. The Resource No. is automatically generated.
  3. No salesperson is required on the following pages, and you can send out a welcome email to the technician.

  4. After creating the technician user, check the schedule to ensure the technician is added.

Enabling and disabling the user

To enable or disable the user:

  1. Click on Enable or Disable from the actions bar.


All users created in the system need a licence; talk to our support team to activate your licences, or raise a ticket.

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