When a Jobsheet is completed, it should now be posted in order to update the relevant accounts in the system. To do so, you must understand how to take payment on a Jobsheet, update the Jobsheet lines, and then post the Jobsheet.

In this article

  1. Adding resources to labour lines in a Jobsheet
  2. Updating the items numbers and quantities
  3. Taking a payment in a Jobsheet and posting it
  4. Post the Jobsheet without taking the payment

Adding resources to labour lines in a Jobsheet

Before posting the jobsheet, all labour lines must-have resource information added to them. There are several ways this can be done:

  1. If the Technician uses the Technician Confirmed button on their device, the resources column will be pre-populated.

  2. If a front-of-house staff member is familiar with the Technician’s Resource No., they can add this directly to the labour line and then press the Tab key to assign 100% of that labour line to that specific Technician.

  3. If multiple technicians are working on the job or there are multiple labour lines upon which a sole technician has clocked onto a job, you can select Process followed by Add Resources to Lines. This will either split the total time spent between multiple technicians on all lines, or it will add 100% to all labour lines for one specific technician.

  4. If you post the jobsheet without adding the resources, you will be prompted to do so automatically before posting.

Updating the items numbers and quantities

  1. All item numbers must be updated from the Placeholder Item, such as **MISC, to their actual item numbers. Ensure that the quantities and prices of the items remain unchanged.

    • If all part numbers with Placeholder Item have not been updated/added to the jobsheet, the following error message will be displayed:

  2. All parts need to be bought into stock. If all parts have not been accepted into stock using a purchase order, you will get an error message:

Taking a payment in a Jobsheet and posting it

When the job is completed and the financial information is correct. You can now take payment from the customer and post the Jobsheet, or you can add payment terms to the Jobsheet so that you can post it. To take payment from the Jobsheet:

  1. Select Payments/Posting from the jobsheet’s menu bar, then Take Payment to select the customer’s payment method and add the amount paid along the customer’s payment method row.

  2. You can view other payments that have been applied in the document by selecting Payment Gateway Entries action, in the Take Payment window.

  3. Close the Take Payment page, and select the Post under the Payment/Posting menu.

Post the Jobsheet without taking the payment

  1. Scroll down to the Invoicing FastTab and enter the customer’s Payment Terms Code, such as 10 days from invoice (10D).

  2. Then from the menu bar, select Payment/Posting, then you can select either of the following options:

    • Post - Post/invoice this jobsheet without the option of printing or emailing it.
    • Post and Print - Post/invoice this jobsheet and print a copy of the invoice.
    • Post and Email - Post/invoice this jobsheet and email a copy of the invoice to the Bill-To Customer.

Click Yes on the pop-up notification of do you want to post the Jobsheet?.

After the jobsheet has been posted, it can be found in Posted & Archived Documents under Posted Jobsheet, which can be accessed from the role centre navigation menu.