How to take a payment and invoice a jobsheet.

When the job has been completed and the financial information is correct. You now need to take a payment (if not an account customer or had any payment terms set) and post the jobsheet.

A. Select Payments/Posting in the Action Bar

B. To mark the payment method of how the customer has paid select Take Payment

C. You then have the option of: -

  • Post - Simply Post/Invoice this jobsheet without the option of printing or email without finding the document in the Posted Documents section within the Home Page.

  • Post and Print - Post/Invoice this jobsheet and print out of a copy of invoice.

  • Post and Email - Post/Invoice this jobsheet and send a copy of the invoice via email.

Several Requirements which need to be met before Garage Hive will allow a jobsheet to be invoiced.

1. Resource information needs to be added against all Labour Lines. There are several ways this can be done.

* If the technician is using the Technician Confirmed button within their devices, this will automatically be pre-populated.

* If the front of house member of staff knows the Technician's Resource No, they can add this directly on the labour line then tab, this will allocate 100% of that labour line to that specific technician. 

*   If there are multiple technician's working on the job or there are multiple labour lines upon which a sole technician has clocked onto a job you can Select **Process** followed by **Add Resources to Lines**. This will either split the total time spent between multiple technicians on all lines or it will add 100% to all labour lines for the one specific technician. 

If this is not done, you will see the following error message:

2. All Item numbers must have been updated from the “MISC - Placeholder Part Number”

If all part numbers have not been updated/added on the jobsheet you will get the following error message:

3. Parts need to be bought into stock.

If all parts have not been bought into stock using a purchase order, you will get an error message: