The TCard Planner

The TCard Planner is a flexible tool and can a used for managing several aspects of your business.


  • Collection and Deliveries
  • Car Washes
  • Parts Ordered
  • Parts Arrived

### Setting up the TCard Planner

  • Front the Home Screen select TCard Planner.

  • Select the Actions Tab followed by the Planner button.

  • Select Configuration Mode. (this will now allow you to add/remove or personalise “Containers”)

  • Select Create New Container if you want to add to standard containers.

In Configuration Mode

  • Select the ⚙

  • This will now enable to you customise the Container information

A. Location Code - This will pre-select Location Code as “MAIN”

B. Type - Select “Order”

C. Subtype - Select “Standard”

D. Name - This will be the name you want this specific container to be called.

E. Enabled - Tick the Enabled box. .

F. Container Colour - Choose your required container colour.

G. Container Size - You can choose the size you wish the container to be or customize to the required size.