Adding Service Packages Automatically

To begin automatically applying service packages in jobsheets, link Service Types with Service Packages. Here’s how to do it:

  1. To access the Service Types list from an open jobsheet, choose the Service Type field and click See Full List, or search for Service Types using the icon.

  2. Select Edit List from the menu bar, and then select the Service Type you want to link with a Service Package. Fill out the Service Package Filter Column with the service package. To save, click the back arrow (←) or OK.

  3. When you create a new jobsheet, add a Service Type that is linked to a Service Package, and choose the relevant Vehicle for the jobsheet, the Service Package lines will automatically be inserted into the document lines.

  4. This also applies when booking from the Schedule. You can book a Service Type is linked to a Service Package, and the Service Package will be added automatically.

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