How to Export to Your External Accountancy System

Garage Hive allows you to export data to your external accounting system. You can export the following:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Credit Memos
  • Customer Payments
  • Customer Refunds
  • Customer Payments to account
  • Customer Refunds to account
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Vendor Credit memos
We currently do not support exporting vendor payments; this should be done in your external accounting system.

How to run the export

To create an export, first confirm that your setup is complete; please contact a member of the team to assist you with the setup. Once the setup is complete, you can carry out the following:

  1. In the top-right corner, choose the icon, enter Export to Accountancy System, and select the related link.

  2. Once you’ve opened the Export to Accounting System page, you can choose from the following options:

    • Export Customer Invoices/Credit Memos - This will export all of the Customer invoices/credit memos within the date range selected.
    • Export Customer Payments/Refunds - This will export the Invoice payments/refunds, as well as payments to accounts within the date range selected.
    • Export Vendor Invoices/Credit Memos - This will export all of the posted purchase orders/purchase invoices and the posted purchase return orders/purchase credit memos within the date range selected.
    • Export Type - All or New. You can either export All of the documents within the date range or only the New documents. Selecting New will exclude any documents previously exported. This means it is important that you keep all previous exported files safe as these can never be re-produced. Once a transaction has been exported it will be flagged and not exported again when using New.
    • Date From/To - Select your date range.
  3. Catalogs options:

    • Export All Customers - This slider should always be off.
    • Export All Vendors - This will produce an export of every single vendor in the system.

  4. When you’re done, click OK. Running the export will generate a zip file containing the transactions and the customers/vendors linked with the transactions. You can export Invoices/Credit Memos, Customer Payments and Refunds, and Vendor Invoices/Credit Memos all at once.

To understand how these transactions are imported into your accountancy software, please refer to their documentation.

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