How to Combine Receipts on a Single Invoice in Garage Hive

In Garage Hive, you have the option to combine received items into a single invoice. This means that if you have received items from the same vendor/supplier in multiple purchase orders, you can combine them into a single purchase invoice.

Before you can create a combined purchase receipt, you must have filled in two or more purchase orders and posted them as received, but not invoiced. Learn more about how to receive items in purchase orders without invoicing here.

To combine received items into a single invoice:

  1. From the Role Centre/Home Screen, select Purchasing followed by Purchase Invoices.

  2. In the Purchase Invoices list, select New to create a new a Purchase Invoice.

  3. Select the Vendor Name, and enter the Vendor Invoice No..

  4. On the Lines FastTab, click on Lines from the menu bar, followed by Functions and select Get Receipt Lines.

  5. Select multiple receipt lines to include in the invoice by holding Ctrl and left-clicking on each line. Click OK when done.

  6. To post the invoice, select Posting and then Post from the menu bar.

  7. Delete open purchase orders after combined receipt posting.

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