How to Group Document Lines

Grouping document lines is a feature available in the estimates, vehicle inspection estimates and jobsheets; this feature enables you to group the document lines under the same job or category. In this article, we will look at the various ways of grouping the lines.

In this article

  1. Grouping document lines by creating a group and then adding the lines
  2. Grouping document lines by selecting the lines and then creating a group
  3. Creating group items from checklist attention lines
  4. Creating groups by inserting service packages
  5. Print or preview the document

Grouping document lines by creating a group and then adding the lines

The grouping feature is located above the Lines sub-page in a document and is referred to as Group Items. To form a group, do the following:

  1. In the Description column, enter the name of the group.
  2. Click on the cell under Line Count along the line where you have created a group.

  3. From the Line Group Update page, select the lines to add to the group (the group name column is at the end of the table with check boxes) and close the window.
  4. The number of lines added to the group is displayed in the line count column.

The Lines section can also be used to add the document lines in a group:

  1. Select the cell in the Group Description column.
  2. Choose the group to which you want to add the lines.

Grouping document lines by selecting the lines and then creating a group

  1. In the Lines sub-page, select the lines you want to group.
  2. Select Functions from the menu bar in the Lines sub-page.
  3. Click Create Group Items. All of the selected lines are grouped together, with the group name being the description of the top selected line.

  4. You can change the group name from the Group Items section.

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Creating group items from checklist attention lines

While working from a vehicle inspection estimate, there are issues identified in the vehicle which require urgent attention. From these issues, you can create groups to enable you add items and labour.


Suppose you have identified that the vehicle requires service, based on the mileage since the vehicle was last serviced. In that case, you can create a group under this heading (or rename the group to ‘Full Servicing’) and add servicing items and labour.

To create a group from the checklist attention items, first work on the checklist lines and identify the ‘requires attention’ lines. Confirm and Create a VIE.

Then carry out the following steps from VIE:

  1. Select Functions from the Group Items sub-page menu bar.
  2. Select Add Checklist Attention Lines to take the lines marked “requires attention” and create groups with the checklist line description.

  3. Once the groups have been created, add the necessary items and labour to the document lines and match the lines with the pre-created groups.
  4. Using the methods described above, match the lines to the groups.

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Creating groups by inserting service packages

To create a group from a service package:

  1. Click Look Up and then select Service Packages from the document menu bar. The service packages available in the system can be fully priced or hold placeholder lines that you can edit based on your requirements, see How to create service packages.
  2. Select the Service Package you want to add and click OK.
  3. The service package is automatically added as a group.

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To preview or print the document with the group names being the document headers:

  1. Ensure that the you select Custom Heading from the Invoice Print Options FastTab.
  2. Select Print/Send from the menu bar, then Print Invoice.

  3. The other option is to change the setting, so that all documents in future will have the Custom Heading as default. Search for Sales & Receivables Setup from the icon, at the top-right corner.
  4. In the General FastTab, select Custom Grouping option in the Line Layout Field. Press Esc to exit the page.

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