How to setup and work with Checklists

Checklists offer the ability to create an inspection sheet/checklist for all areas of your business. For example, a vehicle inspection is a type of checklist.

Checklists have the following structure

  • Checklist
    • Questionnaire Templates (Header)
      • Question Groups (Questions belonging to a Questionnaire Template)

Questionnaire Templates

A questionnaire template is considered the header of the Checklist, each questionnaire template must have at least one Linked Question Group

Question Groups

Question Groups are where you enter your checklist questions, a question group for example could be about “tyres” and could consist of a traffic light system and check boxes like the example below.

Question groups can be linked to multiple Questionnaire Templates, for example a Tyre Question Group could belong in the Full Service Questionnaire Template and the Interim Service Questionnaire Template.

How to create a checklist

From the home screen, click on the bulb on the top right hand corner

Type in the search box Question Templates

Start by creating a new questionnaire template, the questionnaire template will be the description of your checklist that you select from when deciding which checklist to complete as a technician. You will be linking Question Groups to your Questionnaire Templates using the “Linked Question Groups”. Before you do this, you must create your Question Groups

Now you need to create some Question Groups to link with your Questionnaire Template.

There are several things you must do when creating a new Question Group. To do this select Question Groups from the menu and press “+New”

  • No. - Each line must have a number, this is the order in which the questions will appear.
  • Caption - The caption is what will appear on the line of the questions
  • Type - Choose from either Line (a title) or Control (an entry)
  • SubType - Select from what type of entry you want.
    • Radio Button
    • Textbox-Small
    • Textbox-Large
    • Checkbox
  • Default Value You can populate a field with a default value to determine which radio button is pre-ticked
  • Attention If Has Value Ticking this box will allow the Advisor to see from the list of checklists if any particular checklist requires attention. Any entry on a line with this ticked will flag a checklist.

  • Then select Questions

The above example of a Question Group setup will result in the checklist example below. Select the “New Line from Template” button within the Process button along the action bar to use some of the preset examples.

In order to complete your setup, you need to link your Question Group to your Questionnaire Templates. do to this, go to the Questionnaire Templates menu and select the Questionnaire Template and press “Linked Question Groups”.

Select the Questionnaire Template Code, then select a Question Group Code. Finally, add a Sorting No. to determine the order in which the Question Groups appear on the checklist.

Once you have done this, your checklist is ready to preview. Simply create a Vehicle Inspection from the checklist menu and select the new checklist you have created to preview it.

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