If you haven’t already set up your service packages, it is recommended that you do so before starting the Online Booking Setup. Here is the documentation for the service package - Set Up Service Packages.

Why not have a play with our demo system here, online booking demo page.

Its highly recommended that you get just one service package working with no errors first before adding any additional packages to the setup.

The following are the steps to help you set up online booking:

STEP 1 Initial Setup
STEP 2 Setting up the Branches
STEP 3 Setting up the Holidays
STEP 4 Setting up Service Packages for Online Booking and Enquiries
STEP 5 Setting up the Time Grids
STEP 6 Setting up the Service Workgroups and Service Hours
STEP 7 Setting up the Resource Groups
STEP 8 Setting up the Sets
STEP 9 Testing the Set Up
STEP 10 Common Errors for Online Booking

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