How to Integrate Garage Hive With Your External Accountancy System

To integrate your external accountancy system with Garage Hive:

  1. In the top-right corner, enter Accountancy Integration Setup in the search icon, and select the related link.
  2. Select the accountancy system that you are using in the General FastTab, Accountancy System field. The following accounting systems are available:

  3. We’ll use QuickBooks Online as an example.

  4. Turn on the Integration Enabled slider and select Document Date in both the Export Customer Ledger by and Export Vendor Ledger by fields.
  5. From the actions bar Select Init. Customers and Init. Vendors, then click Yes in the pop-up windows. This generates an External System No. for all Customer and Vendor cards in Garage Hive. Exit the page.

  6. When you open any Customer or Vendor card, you will see the External System No. as shown below.

  7. You should then integrate the Chart of Accounts to the external system. In the search icon, enter Chart of Accounts and select the related link.
  8. In the Chart of Accounts page, select Edit List from the actions bar.

  9. In the External System No. column, enter the account numbers for the accounts you want to integrate with the external system. In this case, we’ll integrate all of the 4000s accounts.
Typically only the 4000's and 5000's accounts are needed.

  1. Finally, add the External System No. to the Payments Methods. In the search icon, type Payment Methods and select the related link.
  2. In the External System No. column, enter the corresponding code for the Payment Methods that you use in your external system.

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