What you can export via the Xero API

Garage Hive allows you to export your data to Xero via an API. You can export the following:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Credit Memos
  • Customer Payments
  • Customer Refunds
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Vendor Credit memos
We currently don't support exporting vendor payments, it is recommended that this is done in your external accountancy system.

Initial Setup

To find the setup for the accountancy integration, search for Accountancy Integration Setup

You must decide whether to export the data via the posting date, or the document date.

The typical setup is via document date. Garage Hive users are typically restricted to only posting within the current date, therefore it is possible that the posting date doesn’t match the date on the invoice from the supplier, where as the document date should.

You can also dictate the state of the document when it is exported to Xero. The choices are Draft, Submitted or Approved. You can have a different option for Sales and Purchase documents.

If you plan to export sales receipts/payments the sales documents must be approved.

To set up the integration, you will need to set up an “app” within Xero.

Go to this link and sign in using your Xero credentials. Now select New App in the middle or top right of the screen.

Name the App; It needs to be unique, so we recommend that you use your garage name -GH, but it can be anything. Fill out the following fields as described below and create the App.

Company or application URL - https://www.garagehive.co.uk

OAuth 2.0 redirect URI - https://hivemgtservice.garagehive.co.uk/xero-oauth2/callback

Once created copy the client id and paste it into Garage Hive then select Generate secret, copy that and paste that ingo Garage Hive and click save in Xero.

Now in Garage Hive select actions > Xero > Authorise

You will be forwarded to a Xero page and asked to select the correct company and vary the connection details.

Select Allow access and a successful integration will be confirmed.

How to run the export

Once the set up is complete you can run an export by searching for Export to Accountancy System:

  • Export Customer Invoices/Credit Memos - This will export all of the Customer invoices/credit memos within the date range selected.
  • Export Customer Payments/Refunds - This will export the Invoice payments/refunds, as well as payments to accounts within the date range selected
  • Export Vendor Invoices/Credit Memos - This will export all of the posted purchase orders/purchase invoices and the posted purchase return orders/purchase credit memos within the date range selected.
  • Export Type - All or New. You can either export ALL of the documents within the date range or only the NEW documents. Selecting NEW will exclude any documents previously exported. This means it is VITAL that you keep all previous exported files safe as these can never be re-produced. Once a transaction has been exported it will be flagged and not exported again when using NEW
  • Date From/To Select your date range


  • Export All Customers - This will produce an export of every single customer in the system.
  • Export All Vendors - This will produce an export of every single vendor in the system.

There is no physical file created when using the Xero integration. The transactions will appear directly in your Xero account.

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