How to Create Service Package in Garage Hive

Service packages are a powerful tool for helping you build jobs faster, simplify job pricing, and add consistency.

To create or edit a service package:

  1. Open the service packages list, by selecting Catalogues and then Service Packages from the role centre navigation menu.
  2. From the Service Package List page, you can either edit an existing service package or create a new service package by selecting the New action.

  3. Fill in a Service Package No. (often an abbreviation of the description) and a Description for the package in the Service Package Card.

  4. In the General FastTab, there is a slider for Compress Document Lines, which, when enabled, compresses all the lines in this package on the printed document to show only the package description and its value.
  5. In the Main Description field, select either Package Header or Package Version. This determines the description that will be added to the document; package header is the description in the General FastTab, and Package Version is the description of the version that you are about to setup in the Versions sub-page.

    The General FastTab's Extended Description field is used to elaborate or add more detailed information to the job. It appears on printouts if the Main Description is set to Package Header, otherwise, extended descriptions are available for each version line.
  6. Under the Versions sub-page, you can now create any version of this package that you want. Add a description and select Manage then Version Lines to add item and labour lines to this version.

    Here you can build the version as if it were lines on a jobsheet, and we recommend using "Placeholder Items" like "MISC" to hold the place of items needed for this version.

  7. There is a Fixed Price and Discounts slider at the bottom of the Service Package Card under the Invoicing FastTab; if enabled, you will be able to change the prices and discounts within the versions. When versions are added to documents, prices or discounts in the versions are added to the document rather than being pulled from the related labour or item card or any pricing matrix that has been setup. If you try to change the price on the document, you will be warned that it is part of a fixed price package and asked whether you want to break that special pricing.

  8. In addition, within the version lines, you will see an additional column Allow fixed price Qty. Change. If you choose this option, the system will allow you to change the quantity of that version line. It will adjust the unit price to maintain the line value. This is ideal for items such as engine oil, where the exact quantity cannot be predicted.

  9. When you begin creating new versions, you may find the need to copy versions if they are very similar. To do this, select Manage and from the submenus, you will see two options; Copy, which copies the selected version to the line beneath, and Copy From, which allows you to select versions from other packages to copy into this one.

  10. We’ve also added the ability to add Checklist Template Code to a Service Package Card so that service packages can automatically add checklists to jobs when they’re added to a jobsheet. To add a Checklist Template Code, select it from the General FastTab field named Checklist Template Code.

  11. As a result, when you create a new jobsheet and select the Service Type as one of the available Service Packages with a Checklist Template Code, the checklist is automatically added to the jobsheet.

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