There are several tiles in Garage Hive that are hidden by default from the Role Centre, which means they are not visible and cannot be used. These tiles are listed below:

  • Jobsheet Work status Await Parts
  • Jobsheet Work status Await Auth.
  • User Tasks tile
  • Document Attention tile
  • Jobsheet Complete tile
  • Current VI’s tile

To add these tiles in the Role Centre:

  1. In the top-right corner, choose the icon, enter Service Mgt. Setup GH, and select the related link.
  2. There are several settings that may be changed on the page that opens, including the addition of the tiles. To add work status tiles, go to the work status fields and type in the corresponding Status Code, for example, AWAITPARTS for the AWAIT. PARTS tile, and so on.

  3. For the User Tasks, Document Attention, Jobsheet Complete and Current VI’s tiles, slide the slider on the right to add the tile in the Role Centre.

  4. The tiles will be ready for use after you refresh the Role Centre.