Adding Fuel Type Group Code

Fuel type Groups is a feature in Garage Hive that allows you to categorise vehicle engines based on the type of fuel they use. The various fuel types help in determining which vehicles are the garage’s most regular customers, as well as knowing about the different fuel trends that customers are adopting.

To edit the Fuel Type Groups:

  1. Search for Fuel Type Groups in the top right corner icon and select the related result.
  2. In the page that opens, choose New to create a new Fuel Type Group.

  3. The following list is already pre-populated in the system.

  4. Then, in the top right corner search icon, type Fuel Types and select the related link. Fuel Types list is automatically generated when Vehicle Data Lookup is done.
  5. From the Fuel Type list, add Fuel Group Code in the Group Code field.

  6. You can view a vehicle’s Fuel Type Code from the Vehicle card; select a vehicle from the Vehicle list and scroll down to the Engine FastTab, where the Fuel Type Code field is.

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