How to navigate your Garage Hive Trial.

These training modules are designed to train you on the basic processes in Garage Hive. Whilst these are great for reference and self-learning, don’t forget that the team are here to help.

Contact us on 02031461164 if you have any questions.

It is important to understand all elements of the process to benefit from all the value Garage Hive has to offer.

Getting started

Here we will look at logging into Garage Hive for the first time, creating a booking and populating a jobsheet with some labours and items.

Welcome to your home screen (role centre)

How to create a booking

How to populate a jobsheet

Now practice these steps

  • Log into Garage Hive
  • Create a booking
  • Create a customer card
  • Add comments to a jobsheet
  • Add labours to a jobsheet
  • Add items to a jobsheet
  • Add a service package to a jobsheet