Trial Quick Start Guide

These training modules are designed to train you on the basic processes in Garage Hive. Whilst these are great for reference and self-learning, don’t forget that the team are here to help.

It is important to understand all elements of the process to benefit from all the value Garage Hive has to offer. The following table includes some processes that you can start with:

To Learn About See
The role centre (home page) Welcome to Your Role Centre
How to create a booking Create Your First Booking
How to add items and labour in a jobsheet Adding Items and Labour to a Jobsheet
How to create a purchase order Creating a Purchase Order
How to process a purchase order/invoice Processing a Purchase Order/Invoice
How to view items to return Viewing Items to Return
How to create a purchase return order Creating a Purchase Return Order
How to process a vehicle arriving Processing a Vehicle Arriving
How to process a jobsheet to invoice Processing a Jobsheet to Invoice
How to create an estimate Creating an Estimate
How to process a vehicle inspection estimate Processing a Vehicle Inspection Estimate

Next Step

We hope you find using your Garage Hive trial useful. If you may have some questions about how you can customise Garage Hive to suit your business and how to best implement its processes; why not contact our Garage Hive Team now to discuss them: