Customising Vehicle Reminder Dates

Vehicle reminder dates can be customised in the Jobsheet and Vehicle Card. Here is how you can customise the dates from the Service Labour List page:

  1. Select Catalogues and then Labours from the role centre Navigation Menu, or search for Service Labour List at the top-right corner search icon.
  2. Choose the labour from the Labour List page to customise the date. In this case, we’ll go with Service Labour.

  3. In the Service Labour card, a field called Default Period Date Formula is under the General FastTab. Enter the number of days (D), months (M), or years (Y) after which the vehicle should have the Service Labour done. If your formula is a combination of days, months, or years, use a + (Plus sign)s in between, for example, 1Y+6M. When this field is left blank, the default period is 1 Year. Exit the Service Labour card by pressing the Esc key.

  4. Open any jobsheet that has Service Labour allocated to it to update the Service Due Date. There will be a notification at the top of the jobsheet that Vehicle Reminder Dates Needs Updating; select Action List from the notification.

  5. The Update Vehicle Dates page displays the Old Date column, which contains the current date, the New Date column, which is empty, and the Action List column, which includes the actions you can take to fill in the New Date column. Select Add 1 Year and 6 Months on the Service Due Date row to update it to the 1 year and 6 months customisation you made. Close the page and check the Service Due Date field to see if it has been updated.

If you start to post the jobsheet without updating the Service Due Date, you will be prompted to do so before proceeding.