What’s new?

Below is a brief list of Garage Hive developments:

18th January 2022

  • The Autodata Service Interval Matrix now only has a tick on the replaceable items.
  • Move Up/Move Down actions have been added to the line control shortcut menu for Group Items lines.

  • Nonstock Item features have been renamed Catalogue Item.
  • Added Parts Sales Management function, with the following developments:
    • A role centre for the Parts Sales Admin to simplify the management of parts sales.

    • An action to create a Jobsheet from a sales order.
    • An SMS action under Print/Send submenus on sales order and sales invoice pages.
    • Parts Sales Proforma Invoice printout.
    • Renamed Service Type Code to Service Type in all sales documents.
    • Sync Unit Price field between Items and Catalogue Items in both ways.
    • The ability to update the related catalogue item description, when the user updates the item description in the system.
    • Take payment wizard on the Parts Sales Admin role centre.
    • Default lines layout for sales orders and sales quote.
    • Card and item history overviews actions to lines in sales orders and quotes.
  • Added item substitution management function, with the following developments:
    • The display of 🔃 in line checker on jobsheets if item has substitutions.

    • Line checker column for sales orders, and quotes.
    • The ability to open the error page and display substitutions if a substitution setting exists for the item.

15th December 2021

8th December 2021

  • Added the ability to login to PowerBI using Web Service Access Key, instead of Garage Hive System password.
  • On the Payment Reconciliation Journal Page, a notification has been added to direct users to the documentation site for more information on the payment reconciliation journals.
  • External consultants, like the owner, can now view the survey results.

1st December 2021

  • Customer Online Authorisation (Ninja Cat) developments:
    • Added a summary page to help the customer view a summary of the selected items and amounts to approve.
    • Added the ability to display finance plan option.
    • Moved the preview action to publish page and made it possible to save introduction text in preview until it’s published.
    • Changed the payment plan first option from ‘blank’ to ‘Not Available’.
  • Added the ability to adjust the labour time matrix in Autodata with a percentage or hours.

22nd November 2021

  • Speed improvement for clocking terminal v18.
  • Vehicle sales additions such as creating an order at the point of the deal, recording deposits, adding part exchange details, etc.
  • Added the option of adding items to return in an existing Purchase Return Order (PRO) Read More.
  • Added the ability to lookup service interval matrix by Make, Model, and Engine Code.
  • Optimized the Garage Hive media upload to handle larger images of up to 20MB JPEG.
  • Added key tag number to printed job card.
  • Added the possibility to select weekdays when to send out the internal surveys.

1st November 2021

  • Added customisation for vehicle dates reminders.
  • Added a checklist template code to service package so that the service packages can add checklists to jobs.
  • Added the ability to fill in the Service Advisor code in the VI Estimate from user setup, when creating a VI Estimate by confirming a Vehicle Inspection (VI).
  • Added vehicle reminder dates in estimates and VI estimates same place as jobsheets.
  • Added the ability to authorise and deauthorise a group by authorising or deauthorising a line within the group.
  • Added Repair Times and Service Interval Matrix functions to group items sub-page actions, similar to service packages.
  • Added a service package number field to the checklist text template, to make it possible to automatically add a service package to a jobsheet when a text template is selected in the checklist.
  • Added the ability to group lines from the Autodata Service Interval Matrix and Repair Times.
  • Grouped actions in the Group Items sub-page.

27th October 2021

  • Internal Surveys: Similar to NPS surveys, but now for employees, for you as a business owner when providing feedback to external consultants, and so on.
  • Added case sensitive search for online booking.
  • Added the ability to create service packages from Jobsheets, Vehicle Inspection Estimates and Estimates.
  • Added the comment (extended) column to the comment setup to allow for the addition of standard comments that can be used multiple times.
  • Added an action to duplicate a group and its lines, after which you can change the prices.
  • Added the ability to select multiple groups and merge them.
  • Added the ability to use document mileage field tag for use in header text.
  • Created customer address field tags for use in online job authorisation header.
  • Added primary make to V16 pricing.
  • Added the ability to take only VIE linked jobsheet groups to online job authorisation.

17th October 2021

  • Added the ability to ask if the resources should be added automatically when posting a jobsheet.
  • Added ‘Fuel Filter Due Date’ to vehicle reminders.
  • Added series description to vehicle card under ‘Model Series’ field.

9th October 2021

  • Added a restriction to posting a vehicle sale by ensuring the ‘Receipt on Invoice’ slider in purchase and payable setup is set to true.
  • Added customer category to vehicle list.
  • Added the ability to auto-open Purchase/Sales Invoice when creating from vehicle sales orders.
  • Included a ‘Entry Type’ column in the payment gateway entries page.
  • Added restrictions for an External Accountant user to create jobsheets/VIEs/Estimates, clock in time, and access service schedule.
  • Added ability to copy a line you are on and insert it below in the checklist. This is to help technicians add lines as needed if multiple issues exist for the same area.
  • Added ‘Planning and Reminder Notes’ field in the vehicle card.
  • Added the option to Lookup ‘Timing Belt Interval’ from Autodata.
  • Added ability to select multiple service packages to add in a job.
  • Added the service advisor’s name to customer survey entries.
  • The collection and delivery slider now includes a service package selection, so that when enabled, the service package is automatically added to the job.
  • System created comments now have the user ID blank.
  • Checklist text template increased to maximum length of 2048 characters.
  • Added the key tag number field to help manage key catalogue.
  • Added the ability to add the vendor invoice number to the inventory comment in a purchase return order.
  • Added vendor number and unit cost column to posted jobsheet lines.
  • Made it possible to drill-down on purchase order number column in posted jobsheets.
  • Made the ‘Attention of User ID’ column visible by default in attention comments list.
  • Added service advisor code to printed jobsheet card.

18th September 2021

15th September 2021

  • Usability improvements to the ‘Items to Return Report’.
  • Added ‘Statement Report and Aged Receivables Report’ drop-down menu in customer’s list.
  • Added ability to add external services to a jobsheet generated purchase order.
  • Added checklist FastTab to posted jobsheets.
  • Added ‘Placeholder Item’ slider to Item Cards.
  • Engine Code field length increased from 20 to 30 characters.
  • Checklist text box increased to maximum length of 2048 characters.
  • Removed the ability to delete online booking customer.
  • User management page made as default page to edit users.
  • Added a check on resource delete if resource is in schedule resource group.
  • Added Item unit cost column in Item History Overview report.

24th August 2021

  • Added AIB bank account import template.

31st July 2021

  • Added the ability to display bank details in the footer.
  • Added the ability to display unique footers based on location code.
  • Added the ability to display location-based logo details on the footers of sales documents, bookings, and survey emails.
  • Added the Print Line Discount Always option to VIE and Estimate printouts.
  • Improved how external links are added and removed from the role centre page.
  • It is now easier to change the order of checklist groups by using simple up/down arrows.

6th June 2021

  • Added the ability to filter service packages by Vehicle Model
  • Added the ability to have a separate online booking/service package description
  • Added the ability to request deposit payment and account payments by Garage Link

31st May 2021

  • Added transmission type to service documents factbox
  • Improved the checklist UI for technician devices. The textbox will now expand as the technicians are typing
  • Added the ability to lookup a new MOT date from within a jobsheet
  • Improved the way in which vehicle reminder dates updated
  • Introduced the concept of labour types, allowing labour cards to be assigned to vehicle reminder dates.
  • Added the ability to write off deposits as profit
  • Introduced Vehicle Sales Orders, with the ability to generate part exchange documents, take deposits and sales produce vehicle sales invoices
  • Introduced Vehicles Sales order status tiles
  • Improved the Comments for Attention tile, this now works with all service documents including Estimate and Vehicle Inspection Estimates

30th April 2021

  • Made several UI improvements to Online Booking date selection process
  • Added vehicle registration to purchase orders print outs
  • Added the take payment feature to vehicle sales invoices
  • Added NPS score/gauge to customer list/card factbox
  • Created a report to produce a list of customers that have received an MOT reminder that haven’t booked in
  • Introduced a QC awaiting confirmation tile

31st March 2021

  • MOT Lookup now works for Northern Ireland Vehicles
  • Mileage entered on a vehicle inspection will also be pushed to the jobsheet
  • Posting a jobsheet will now automatically complete any allocations
  • Added the ability to report on Jobsheet/booking creation date in Power BI
  • Extended comments will now print on vehicle sales invoices
  • Added the ability to email Purchase Return Orders
  • Added the ability to automatically create a corresponding purchase invoice when posting internal jobsheets.
  • Booking reminders will no longer be sent if the vehicle is already marked as onsite
  • Added the ability to print/email payment receipts and deposits
  • Introduced the ability to take deposits and apply deposits

28th February 2021

  • Added access to all customer documents from the customer card/list Factbox
  • Added the ability to view comments to archived documents, such as jobsheets
  • Added customer category to markups, sales prices and discounts
  • Purchase Orders & Purchase Return Orders will now auto re-open when released
  • Added a restriction to stop users accidentally correcting a posted sales invoice instead of a posted jobsheet
  • Added the ability to filter vehicle list by booking date for bulk SMS / data export
  • Changed the jobsheet line checker to a 🚩
  • Added the ability to print a posted sales credit memo
  • Added the ability to have a default location code selected on an item card
  • Added Awaiting Parts and Awaiting Advisor tiles to Estimates
  • Added a Jobsheets Requires Parts Ordering tile

31st January 2021

  • Updated the some of literature used from the customers perspective in online booking
  • Added the ability to make a service package in online booking “Morning Drop-Off” only
  • Customers booking online will now have the earliest time slot available automatically selected
  • Added Vehicle weight to service package conditions
  • Added Engine code to service package conditions
  • Added Transmission type to service package conditions
  • Added Extended Status to purchase return orders
  • When items are created, the item card will no longer open
  • Added the ability to update the Item Descriptions from documents to the Item card
  • Added “Item Price Groups” concept, allowing very detailed Markups rules, such as rim size
  • Added the ability to filter customer statements by Branch dimension

31st December 2020

  • Introduced a Take Payment wizard, this wizard simplifies the payment application process
  • Added the ability to fix the line amount on a Service Package. When changing the quantity of an item such as oil, the line amount will remain fixed and the unit price will be automatically adjusted.
  • Added Vehicle Registration Number to Jobsheets Attention tile list
  • Added Customer Category as a condition in Service Packages
  • Added the ability to copy service packages versions to new or existing Service Packages
  • Added the USER ID column to customer notification entries
  • A jobsheet will no longer release if it fails to post

31st November 2020

  • TCard Major Update
    • Full TCard customisation
    • Tooltips and tooltip customisation
    • TCard priority/ordering
    • Easy clocking integration
  • Checklist Major Update
    • Introduced a new checklist type - Quality Control
    • Added a new jobsheet tile - “Requires QC”
    • Added the ability to automatically create a checklist on jobsheet creation, depending on the service type and customer group
    • Added the ability to automatically create a checklist on technician allocation completion, depending on the service type and customer group
    • Added a jobsheet notification for service advisors when there are vehicle inspections awaiting confirmation.
    • Added a jobsheet notification for technicians when there are incomplete checklists associated with the jobsheet they are viewing.
    • Added the ability to view all associated checklists within the jobsheet. We have also moved the “Create Vehicle Inspection” to the submenu.
    • Added a warning to technicians when clocking off a job if they haven’t completed all checklists attached to the jobsheet.
  • Power BI Update
    • Added System Information Report
    • Added a date selection summary report
    • Added VI-Estimate & Estimate reminder report
  • Additional Changes
    • Added a jobsheet complete tile, for jobsheets that are in-between allocation complete and ready for collection
    • Phone number 2, Mobile number 2, Customer Contact Notes and the ability to add multiple email addresses to a Jobsheet & Customer Card
    • Add a new popup window on allocation completion for technicians that haven’t “Tech Confirmed” all labours and items
    • Added bulk SMS to Jobsheet list
    • Service Advisor codes on Jobsheets and now synchronised with checklists
    • Customer Self check-in photos can now be made optional to the end user
    • Added the option to email a pro-forma invoice from a jobsheet
    • Added extended status to purchase return orders
    • Added bank import for AIB Allied Irish Bank

31st October 2020

Upgraded all customers to latest platform of Business Central (BC16)

30th September 2020

Major Power BI Update

  • 50 newly designed business reports
  • 3 new embed reports

31st August 2020

New Platform Features - Video

Including features such as:

  • Multi window support
  • Ability to personalise the system
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • New ways to navigate Garage Hive
  • Ability to save filtered lists
  • Ability to add bookmarked pages to any rolecentre
  • Ability to customise role centres
  • and much more..

New System Features - Video

Including features such as:

  • New pricing matrix for sales markups
  • New discount matrix
  • Ability to send multiple customer reminders based on a single date field
  • Added lots of new vehicle reminder fields
  • Updated and renamed rolecentre tiles
  • Improved auto clockout function

31st July 2020

  • Added Payment Sense terminal integration. This allows a user to send the payment amount directly to the terminal without having to manually enter the amount on the terminal

  • Added a Receipt Bank CSV bank import
  • Added amount column to VI-Estimate list
  • Added USER ID to customer communication log entries
  • Added VIN number to technicians jobsheet
  • Added Tech Confirmed columns to posted jobsheets
  • Added the ability to filter which reminders are sent based on last visit date
  • Fixed a bug that prevents discounts being removed from jobsheets when a part number is added to a purchase order
  • Added the ability to define the drop off time in online booking when multiple services are selected. This can be different from the scheduled time.

28th June 2020

  • Added access to documents from the vehicle list/card factbox

  • Added customer details to vehicle list/card factbox
  • Added Reason code to VI-Estimate and Estimate list
  • Added the ability to add a “My Tasks Tomorrow” to easy clocking
  • Removed non-inventory items from items to return report
  • Added access to vehicle history from Vehicle Inspections
  • Item card vendor no. is now updated when a vendor no. is added to a jobsheet to create a purchase order
  • Prevented the ability to clock onto multiple jobs at the same time unless set to allowed
  • Added email templates and the ability to preview emails before sending

  • Added email signatures taken from company information

  • Added Bank of Ireland bank import
  • Contact details are now saved when a customer updates information via self check-in
  • You can no longer delete a vehicle associated with an item
  • Updated the terminology on the summary report inline with Power BI
  • Added the ability to export Sage data to different departments
  • Added a simplified way to make payments/refunds to cash receipt journals

29th May 2020

  • Added Payment Sense Integration
  • Added “Pay By Garage Link” allowing you to send an SMS or Email from a jobsheet requesting payment online
  • Added Starling Bank Import
  • Added send booking reminder action from jobsheet
  • Added the ability to remove certain service types from receiving booking reminders
  • Added Document Statistics to Estimate and VI Estimates
  • Added the ability to set a minimum item margin for Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates per service type

30th April 2020

  • Added a self check-in feature, allowing customers to check in using a link on their booking reminder
  • Added Contact Name, Booking Date and Booking Time to printed jobsheets

20th April 2020

  • Added the ability to add an item retail price from a purchase order
  • Added the ability to update an item card retail price from a jobsheet
  • Added the ability to update an item card retail price from the purchase order
  • Added the ability to bulk update MOT information by VRM
  • Added COVID-19 Pre-extended MOT expiry date to vehicle cards
  • Added COVID-19 MOT Exemption slider to Vehicle List and Vehicle Card
  • Added the Pre-extended MOT due date tag to the bulk-sms feature

5th April 2020

  • Added the ability to print part numbers on sales invoices
  • Added the ability to automatically send booking confirmations
  • Added Payment terms to printed/emailed sales invoices

27th March 2020 - Covid-19 requested features

  • Added MailChimp Export
  • Added Finance Plan feature
  • Added Bulk SMS feature
  • Added COVID-19 Option to online booking system

22nd March 2020

  • Added the original Jobsheet value to VI-Estimates
  • Added VAT details to sales invoice document
  • Added the ability to create Vehicle Inspection text templates
  • Added “Business Insights” to role centre home page
  • Added key numbers to purchase orders
  • Added Vendor Email address to vendor list
  • Added the ability to print comments on Estimate and Vehicle Inspection Estimates
  • Added the ability to filer vehicle list by last visit date
  • Improved service schedules from Autodata

17th February 2020

  • Added Comments for Attention Feature, allowing certain comment types to populate a red tile - Video
  • Added the ability to automatically add service packages to documents depending on service type - Video
  • Post and Print will now open the take payment window unless payment terms are set
  • Added Vehicle Sales Web Services for Vehicle Sales Power BI App
  • Added the option for VRM to work with UK and Irish plates at the same time
  • When converting an estimate to a jobsheet, extended comments will now also copy over
  • When a jobsheet is assigned to a service advisor, creating a VI-Estimate will automatically assign it to the same advisor.
  • Added VRM Data for Weight, Heigh, Width and Length to the vehicle card
  • Added the ability to refresh VRM data from the vehicle list
  • Added phone numbers to customer lookup page
  • You can now display labour line discounts even if hiding the Unit Price and Qty

29th January 2020

  • Add Vehicle Production Year and First Registration Date to the FactBox
  • Added Comments (Extended) to Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates - Video
  • Added Service Package filtering to Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates - Video
  • Added Customer Arrival Time field to Jobsheets
  • Added Mobile Phone Number, Phone Number & Email Address to posted jobsheet list
  • Updated Xero API to oAuth 2.0
  • Added “Safety Inspection” due date to vehicle cards and reminders

Online Booking Updates

  • Added ability to disabled the expected time of a booking
  • Added the ability to add a Google Analytics ID to Embed
  • Added “Price From” option to service packages
  • Added Make filters to service package versions
  • Added “Conditions” feature to service package versions
  • Added the ability to make service packages additions only
  • Added the ability to hide prices online
  • Copy Service Package version line now also copies the conditions

11th January 2020

  • Added Vehicle Sales module
    • Vehicle Sales Invoices - Video
    • Vehicle Purchase Invoices - Video
    • Vehicle Stock Report
    • Vehicle Reservations - Video
    • VAT Margin Scheme
    • Internal Preparation Jobsheets - Video

29th December 2019

  • Release second generation online booking - Video
    • Works with any website
    • Automated scheduling
    • Automated capacity & availability
    • Jobsheet generation
    • Jobsheet population
    • SMS and Email confirmations
    • and much more
  • Added a “Labour Audit” report, allowing users to generate reports for DVSA MOT Audits

15th December 2019

  • Added the ability to send surveys manually from posted jobsheets
  • Added the ability to send custom created surveys

14th December 2019

  • VHCs have been renamed to VI-Estimates system wide
  • Confirming a VI and creating a VI-Estimate will automatically open the VI-Estimate
  • Line Unit Costs are now copied to the Jobsheet when authorised from a Estimate/VI Estimate
  • Improved Survey information visible on phone app
    • NPS Group now visible
    • Number of Answers now visible

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from going back once viewing customer comments on a survey using the phone app.
  • Added the ability to add extended descriptions to compressed service packages
  • You can now access VI-Estimates from a vehicle card
  • Dual Column VI Printout now includes the Checklist template name
  • Dual column VI Printout now date & time stamps technician/authoriser signatures

30th November 2019

  • Added a Natwest Bankline statement import
  • Jobsheets Extended status are now visible on Posted Jobsheets
  • Added the ability to view the customer/vendor on the General Ledger entry table
  • Labour extended status descriptions will now transfer from an estimate to a jobsheet
  • Garage Hive client now has a 2 hour idle timeout instead of 20 minutes

24th November 2019

  • Autodata repair times now load 4x~ faster
  • Reduced the wasted space on the vehicle inspection printouts
  • Added the ability to score the quality of a vehicle inspection
  • Added the ability to mark a jobsheet as an online booking for reporting purposes when using an external online booking system

13th November 2019

  • Added the ability to send an SMS from the customer card
  • Added Service Advsior name to invoice printout (optional)
  • Added vehicle parking locations to jobsheets (Optional)
    • User stamped
    • Date stamped
    • time stamped

  • Compressed the line spacing in labour extended descriptions
  • Added the ability to copy/paste service package versions
  • Added the ability to share/export/import checklists with other GH users - Video
  • Added the ability to print checklist captions

30th October 2019

  • Introduced User Tasks - Video
    • Create tasks for yourself
    • Create tasks for other users
    • Set due dates on tasks
    • Monitor tasks set for others
    • Recurring tasks
  • Document Description and Work Description on Job sheets, Estimates and VHCs now pop-out into a full screen window.
    • Pop-out work description window
    • Full-screen work description window
    • Mouse over preview
    • Compatible with templates
    • Spellcheck compatible
    • Available on job sheets, estimates and VHCs
  • Added a “Tyre” field checkbox to item cards.
  • Changed the default column layout for technicians job sheets on tablet devices.
  • Clocking terminal now supports different time zones.
  • Introduced Item Overview report. Easily traceable item history, accessible from item lists, item cards and items to return reports with clarity of the following.
    • Purchase Invoices
    • Customer Card
    • Vendor Card
    • Posted job sheets
    • Open job sheets
    • Job sheets related to PO

20th October 2019

  • Introduced Open Estimate analysis Power BI report - Video
  • Improved VHC analysis Power BI report

7th October 2019

  • Added the ability to send SMS from survey entries
  • Added ability to set a review requested date for survey entries
  • Added last survey requested / last review requested fields to customers cards
  • Added access to customer comments from survey entries
  • Added a 2 column layout printout for vehicle inspections
  • Added the ability to view tyre information graphically on vehicle inspections
  • Added a “faults and actions” section to vehicle inspections
  • Added the ability to add external website lines to any role centre homepage
  • Added the ability to opt customers out of booking reminders
  • Added vendor invoice number to aged accounts payable report

1st October 2019

  • Added the ability to let technicians select from a pool of “Group Tasks” Video

29th September 2019

  • Added Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score and Survey feature
    • Automated SMS/Email feedback requests
    • New detailed Power BI reports
    • Live customer insights from any document
    • Access to previous feedbacks from any document
    • Ability to review and action all feedback recieved
    • More Information available here - Click here
  • Added the ability to add paragraphs to email reminders and booking confirmations
  • Added the ability to display tyre label information on documents
  • Added the ability to set estimate reminders
  • Added estimate reminders upcoming/overdue tiles to all role centres
  • Added the ability to add extended descriptions to items in all documents
  • Order numbers can now be made mandatory for specific customers

22nd September 2019

  • Added BHP to the Factbox
  • Added VIN that is a shortcut to the vehicle card to the Factbox
  • Added 6 operational tiles to the Factbox
  • Added MOT and Service dates to the Factbox
  • Added click-to-call contact numbers to the Factbox
  • Extended the part number visibility on printed Purchase Return Orders

10th September 2019

  • 0% VAT Lines will no longer display a VAT sub-total on invoices
  • Added the ability to view caption texts next to radio buttons in Vehicle Inspections
  • Added the ability to adjust VAT amounts of documents for any discrepancies - Video
  • Added the ability to counter-sign vehicle inspections

2nd September 2019

  • Added the ability to search Autodata with Make/Model/Engine Code
  • Added Jobsheet Net & Gross Value to Jobsheet list
  • Added “Safety Check” to vehicle cards, for Irish Markets

21st August 2019

  • Technicians now have access to Autodata Oil and Lubricant Data from Easy Clocking
  • Added Extended Labour Descriptions to Jobsheets & Estimates and Labour Cards, allowing up to 10,000 characters per description
  • Copy Document function will now copy work descriptions
  • Added ability for Service Advisors to Assign jobs to themselves - Video
  • Added ability to have tiles filtered to particular Service Advisors
  • Added ability to attach external documents when emailing customers documents
  • Improved Vehicle Inspection print out - Video
  • Added ability to print signatures with Vehicle Inspection.
  • When emailing a VHC, the Vehicle Inspection will automatically be attached.
  • Added “Total Jobsheets” tile to Service Financial Controller Roll Centre

Irish Localisation

  • Ireland - Added VRM/VIN Lookup
  • Ireland - Added Support for 2/3 VAT Rule
  • Ireland - Added optional second VAT Rate on an Item Card
  • Ireland - Added Mobile Number Validation
  • Ireland - Added ability to adjust VAT Rate on all documents
  • Ireland - Added VAT Statement

31st July 2019

  • Added ability to view 7 or 5 days on the schedule
  • Added Oil and Lubricant information to Estimates and VHCs
  • Added the ability to add location/branch information to booking reminders
  • Added the ability to send a booking confirmation
  • Added support for Sage Cloud Accounting
  • Power BI - Created a Web Service for varying labour rates across multiple locations
  • Power BI - Added Service Advisor Web Service
  • Power BI - Added Service Type / Job Type Web Service
  • Power BI - Updated Posted Jobsheet Web Service to include vehicle number for advanced vehicle reports
  • Added a pop-out window to checklists/vehicle inspections allowing technicians to see more of what they’re typing.

21st July 2019

Added Autodata Oil and Lubricant information to Jobsheets

14th July 2019

  • Added the ability for technicians to add signatures to vehicle inspections
  • Added the ability to filter vehicles by service/mot expiry dates that haven’t got a booking
  • Fixed a bug where Autodata sometimes displayed the wrong registration in the menus

7th July 2019

  • Added ability for technicians to create Jobsheets and clock onto them (Optional)
  • Attachments can now be added to Customer Cards and Vehicle Cards
  • Attachments can be added to Purchase Orders
  • Attachments can now be accessed by Technicians via Easy Clocking
  • Added “Jobsheets Total” tile
  • Technicians pausing a job now creates a new allocation with the actual remaining time of the job
  • Technicians completing a paused job will remove the paused allocation
  • Technicians can now see allocated time, spent time & remaining time on their Jobsheets - Video
  • Requestion Worksheet has been added to the Service Financial Controller role centre
  • Added PLEO to bank statement Imports
  • Shelf No. can now be added to item lookup search box

29th June 2019

  • Autodata Open Beta now Live for all customers
  • Multiple lines can now be selected when searching for repairs in Autodata

  • The “Day” is now visible on the schedule
  • Available Hours is now visible on the schedule
  • Admin staff standard events no longer effect available hours on the schedule
  • Added a Jobsheet Statistics feature
    • Clocked Hours per tech
    • Total Clocked Hours
    • Total Labour Quantity
    • Gross Profit
    • Labour Sales
    • Item Sales
    • Item Costs
    • Item Margin

  • “Line Check” is now clickable and will display a warning message related to the check
  • Added a “Line Check” warning when labour resources haven’t been added or equal 100%
  • Added a “Line Check” warning when line amount is 0 or less
  • Added Extended Status to Purchase Orders
  • Added Drive to vehicle card transmission
  • Added Spark Plug Torque to vehicle card
  • Added Creation date field to customer table
  • Added Creation date field to vehicle table

21st June 2019

  • Added VHC Priority column (Advisory, Urgent, Critical)
  • Booking Date/Time appears immediately on Jobsheets

12th June 2019

31st May 2019

  • Improved the send SMS interface
  • Added the ability to attach documents such as PDFs to the following;
    • Job sheets
    • Return Job sheets
    • Estimates
    • VHCs
    • Posted Job sheets
    • Posted Return Job sheets
    • Archived Job sheets
    • Archived Estimates
    • Archived VHCs
  • Added an option to remove the booking time from the customer notification booking reminders

24th May 2019

  • Added a new method of applying payments to customers - Register Customer Payments - Video
  • Fixed an error when printing “Posted Return Jobsheets”
  • Added vehicle inspections data to web services for reporting purposes
  • Added Estimate tiles to the “Service Financial Controller” Role Centre
  • Added Vendor Columns to item lines of VHCs and Estimates, this information will copy to the Jobsheet
  • Introduced a warning for technicians when they attempt to clock off a jobsheet without all item/labour lines being confirmed by the technician Video
  • Added the ability for technicians to access the schedule via easy clocking if required
  • Added Customer GDPR Preferences to vehicle lists for data export
  • “Stock out warning” won’t be given on the item line if the item card has “stockout warning” unticked
  • Added “Price Calculator” to Estimates
  • The Booking version of the jobsheet now has all the features of a standard jobsheet
  • Added a “refund” option to return jobsheets
  • Created a new role centre for Multi-location companies with additional multi-location features
  • Extended SMS capacity to 900 characters
  • Introduced Requisition worksheets & Stock control Video
    • Stock re-order points on an item number
    • Generate a stock requirement report
    • Auto-creation of purchase orders
    • Considers future & current bookings
    • Considers items already on order
  • Added Quickbooks Integration

17th May 2019

  • Added ability to search by Make/Model/Engine code in Autodata Preview
  • Added a stock warning to Jobsheet item lines when available stock is 0
  • Mileage now transfers from jobsheets, to inspection & VHCs
  • Added a feature that allows you to copy from comments to work description
  • Added fuel information into the Factbox

7th May 2019

  • Added ability to copy grouped items and compressed service packages from VHCs and Estimates to Jobsheets
  • Added access to items from the services advisors role centre on mobile & tablet devices
  • Added the ability to update the customer card from the Jobsheet when changing address details
  • Create a new role centre - Service Financial Controller
  • Added Xero Integration use Xero’s API

28th April 2019

  • Added MOT/Service Due Date & Customer Phone/Email/Address details to Vehicle lists.
  • Added the ability to authorise single lines from an estimate to be copied to an existing jobsheet.
  • Added two new tiles, Estimates awaiting action and Estimates awaiting authorisation. Completed Estimates will now be hidden from the homepage.
  • Added “Document description” to Estimates and printed Estimates. The “Document Description” will also be added to the Jobsheet when an Estimate is converted to a Jobsheet.
  • Added “Document description” to VHCs and printed VHCs.
  • Added access to previous Vehicle Inspection from a related Jobsheet for the service advisor
  • Added “Collection and Delivery” tickbox to Jobsheets with the ability to add an icon to a schedule allocation.
  • Added “Courtesy Vehicle Required” tickbox to Jobsheets with the ability to add an icon to a schedule allocation.
  • Added the ability to categorise Jobsheets comments by types, comment types can also be hidden from technicians if necessary.
  • Added the ability to view historic vehicle inspections from easy clocking for technicians

  • Released V2 of Garage Hives Power BI Reports
    • Ability to record standard events such as break times as non-work time
    • More reports made mobile friendly
    • New Efficiency Reports
    • Detailed Item Reports
    • Detailed Labour Category Reports
    • VHC Reports, Inspection rate, up-sell rate
    • WIP & future booking reports
    • Customer heatmaps
    • Top customer reports
    • Vehicle Make and Model Analysis reports

14th April 2019

  • Added a “Marketing Channel” to Jobsheets and customer cards for monitoring marketing activity.
  • Added “Item Search Description” to fast lookup via a jobsheet
  • Added access to historic vehicle pictures from easy clocking for technicians
  • Added the ability to create a new inspection without being in a jobsheet for a technician
  • Added the ability to create multiple vehicle inspections via easy clocking for technicians

31st March 2019

  • Added customer Opt Out feature to reminders, allowing customers to manage their own communication preferences via a web link.

24th March 2019

  • Mileage Prompt for technicians when clocking off jobs without entering a mileage.
  • Added a Payment/Till Report that includes Cash Receipt Journals.
  • Added Customer Order Numbers to Customer Statements.
  • Added SMS capability to Posted Jobsheets.
  • Updated VHC Printout to include Authorised and Identified work totals.
  • Added Unposted Jobsheets to Web Services for reporting purposes.
  • Added Labour Group Codes to Web Services for reporting purposes
  • Improved Statement Layout.
  • Transitioned Garage Hive trial to Business Central platform.

8th March 2019

  • Added VHC Dataset to Web Services for reporting.
  • Added Checklist Dataset to Web Services for reporting.
  • Added Estimate Dataset to Web Services for reporting.
  • Added Reason Code (Reason for refusal) to VHCs for reporting.
  • Added Reason Code (Reason for refusal) to Estimates.
  • Added Status concept to Estimates, Awaiting Action, Awaiting Authorisation, Completed.
  • Added filter to Estimate tile, filters to Awaiting Action and Awaiting Authorisation.

7th March 2019

  • Added Making Tax Digital functionality.
    • Visibility into your VAT obligations
    • Creating VAT returns based on VAT obligations
    • Reminding users of upcoming VAT obligations
    • Submitting the VAT return to HMRC
    • Viewing your VAT liabilities and payments

  • Enabled customer GDPR preferences to the customer list for exporting to Excel.
  • Added Santander bank import file for Payment Reconciliation Journals and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Added payment method code to cash receipt journal.
  • Added Cash receipt journals to external accountancy export.

1st March 2019

  • Added BHP VRM Data to Vehicle Card.
  • Removed Zero value invoices from external accountancy export.
  • Added ability to refresh MOT data from MOT Notification bar in the Jobsheet.
  • Added SMS and Email preview functionality to customer notification setup (Reminders) View our video guide for Customer Notifications here.
  • Added Labour No. to Web Services for Power BI and Reporting features.

27th February 2019

What’s New in Garage Hive - Feb ‘19 Roundup

  • Added ability to automatically clock out users at the end of day at a specified time.
  • Extended SMS templates, added additional functionality.
  • Improved SMS functionality, added “click to call” and “click to SMS” features to Jobsheets, VHCs & Estimates.
  • Added extra fields to the “Brake Section” of a vehicle card.
  • Added a “Schedule of Work” document, allowing users to print a non financial document for Fleet Companies.
  • Improved customer address layout for Invoices and Statements.
  • Bug fix - Corrected Credit Memo number missing from the end of day report.
  • Added ability to create work description templates.
  • Created a warning for vehicles with VRM integrity issues, allowing users to override data import.

17th February 2019

  • Bug fix - Corrected an issue that wasn’t recording break times correctly in time registration entries.
  • Added the option of displaying the bill-to-customer or sell-to-customer on an invoice.
  • Added customer account numbers to customer statements.
  • Added “Vehicle staying overnight” feature, allowing Service Advisors to mark vehicles as staying over night - populating a tile on the technicians devices.
  • Added key tags to “vehicles staying overnight” list.
  • Added ability to export Purchase, sales and payment ledgers to Sage 50.
  • Promoted vehicle card access to jobsheet homepage.
  • Added vehicle registration number to WIP report.
  • Added additional features to jobsheet booking template.
  • Added optional “Awaiting Authorisation” tile to Service Advisors role centre.
  • Added Service Type column to posted jobsheet.
  • Enhanced the ability to modify Resource Time Registration Entries, added ability to modify start time aswell as total time spent.
  • Added optional “Awaiting Parts” tile to Service Advisors role centre.

31st January 2019

What’s New in Garage Hive - Jan ‘19 Roundup Part II - Video

  • Update to the TCard system, now works in conjunction with the schedule and can be updated from the header of a jobsheet. You can also update the status of the TCard/Jobsheet by dragging the job on the TCard system.
  • Email/SMS reminders for booking date reminders now active in the system.
  • Technician confirmed button now automatically assigns the labour allocation to the resource(technician) that ticks the button.
  • Bug fix - Schedule popup now works permanently .
  • Added access to the VHC from the vehicle inspection.
  • Schedule search has been added, search via registration, customer name, job number, key number or make & model.
  • Added a warning when a user accidentally tries to post a purchase order with a zero value line.
  • Added date, time and user ID stamps to comments.
  • MOT History can now be accessed from a technicians device.
  • Added a popup warning to tell the user when the vehicle has an expired MOT or is expiring soon.
  • Added a new method of purchasing, users can now push parts to a jobsheet even if the purchase order was created independently and not from a jobsheet.

15th January 2019

  • Email notifications now available for users to receive upon completion of a vehicle inspection.
  • Added Tyre pressures, oil spec, oil capacity and more to the vehicle card.
  • Improved access to the vehicle card from the technicians devices, including short cuts to engine details and tyres, wheels & brakes.
  • Added the ability to adjust the default quantity of an item added to a jobsheet.
  • Added the ability to adjust the time registration entries of technicians, correcting incorrect clocking information for work times, idle times, jobsheet times & break time.
  • Improved the service ledger entries, renamed to vehicle history & added the ability to recall previous jobsheets based on the service ledger entries.
  • Added the ability for technicians to access the vehicle history from their jobsheet and added the ability for technicians to search the history.
  • Added the ability to access the jobsheet from a related open purchase order, as well as the ability to open an associated jobsheet from a posted purchase invoice.
  • Adding additional parts to an open purchase order will now ask if you also want to add the new parts to the associated jobsheet .