Branches are the locations where customers can book their vehicles online. The customer will have to select which branch they are booking into, before they can proceed to book. Here is how to setup the branches:

In the Online Booking Setup page:

  1. From the menu bar, choose More Options, then Related, and finally Branches. If More Options was previously selected, select Related right away; otherwise, Fewer Options will be available.
  2. You should rename the branch descriptions here because they will appear in the online booking widget, and then enable the Publish Online Booking checkbox.

    Appearance in the online booking page:

  3. Add the Online Booking (OB) Service Work Group Code field for each branch.

  4. Then, click the down arrow to the right of the Location Code and then click select from full list.
  5. Select ellipsis (…) at from the menu bar, then Manage, followed by Edit.
  6. In the page that appears, ensure that the Business Location is enabled and enter the Address, Phone Number, and Email Address of that location. Repeat the process for each location you’ve added.

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