How to Change a Customer’s Vehicle Registration Number in Garage Hive

There are a couple of scenarios in which you may need to change a vehicle’s registration number. Here are a few examples:

  1. When a customer changes the vehicle’s original registration number and there is history attached to it in Garage Hive (Adding/Removing a private plate); when the history needs to remain with this vehicle.
  2. A customer who has a new vehicle but would like to transfer the registration number from another vehicle (Transferring a private plate).

In this article, we will look through both scenarios so that you can keep your records accurate.

Flowchart summary:

Vehicle changes to a different Registration Number

When a vehicle changes to a new registration number:

  1. Open the vehicle card of the original registration plate. Select Lookup from the menu bar, and then chooseUpdate Vehicle Data by VIN.

  2. If prompted to confirm the region of the vehicle registration, select from the list and click OK.

  3. The new vehicle registration has been updated, and the vehicle history has been transferred to the new vehicle registration number.

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Transfer a Registration Number from one vehicle to a New Vehicle

To transfer a registration number from one vehicle to a new vehicle:

  1. Open the vehicle card of the original registration plate. Delete the Registration No. and close the vehicle card.

  2. Open the Jobsheet with created for the vehicle and enter the registration number that you deleted in the vehicle card.

  3. A new vehicle card will be created with the original registration plate.

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