Reconcile Payments that Cannot be Applied Automatically

There may be no suggested application for journal lines; this could be due to a missing document or a customer overpaid, resulting in an excess amount after applying the payment to another journal line. In such cases, the Transfer Difference to Account action can be used to create and post the missing general ledger entry, such as a refund, that is required to apply the payment to. The following describes how to reconcile payments that cannot be applied automatically:

  1. Choose the icon, on the top-right corner, enter Payment Reconciliation Journals, and select the related link.
  2. Open a previously created Payment Reconciliation Journal with the payments to reconcile.

  3. Select Manual Application from the menu bar, and then the Transfer Difference to Account action. The Transfer Difference to Account page opens.
  4. In the Account Type field, specify the type of account that the payment amount will be posted to.
  5. In the Account No. field, specify the account that the payment amount will be posted to.
  6. In the Description field, specify text that describes this direct payment posting. By default, the text in the Transaction Text field on the payment reconciliation journal line is inserted.
  7. Choose the OK button.

  8. If the value in Difference field was equal to the value in the Transaction Amount field, when you post the payment reconciliation journal, the whole payment on the journal line will be posted directly to the specified balancing account.
  9. If the value in the Difference field was lower than the value in the Transaction Amount field, then an additional journal line will be created with the same text and date and with the difference inserted in the Transaction Amount field.

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