Review or Apply Payments after Automatic Application

Some payment applications require your review as defined by the used matching rule, such as lines with Low match confidence. Other lines require your review and manual change because there is a value in the Difference field. The following describes how to review or apply payments after automatic application:

  1. Choose the icon, on the top-right corner, enter Payment Reconciliation Journals, and select the related link.
  2. Open the payment reconciliation journal for a bank account that you want to reconcile payments for. For more information, see Reconcile Payments Using Automatic Application.

  3. On the Payment Reconciliation Journal page, select a payment that you want to review or manually apply to one or more open entries, and then select Manual Application from the menu bar, and choose the Apply Manually action.
  4. Select the Applied check box on the line for the open entry that you want to apply the payment to.
  5. The payment amount, which is also shown in the Transaction Amount field on the Payment Application page, is inserted in the Applied Amount field, but you can modify the field, for example if you want to apply the amount to several open entries.

  6. To apply a part of the paid amount to another open entry for the account, for example to apply a lump-sum payment, select the Applied check box for the line. The applied amount is automatically deducted from the transactions amount to reflect the distribution on the two open entries.

  7. When you have reviewed a payment application or manually applied to one or more open entries, choose the Accept Application action.
  8. The Payment Application page closes, and on the Payment Reconciliation Journal page, the value in the Match Confidence field is changed to Accepted to indicate to you that you have reviewed or manually applied the payment.

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