Checking and Adding Repair Time in the Document

Repair times in Garage Hive are the number of hours estimated to repair parts of a vehicle based on the model and make of the vehicle. This aids in estimating and understanding the type of work required while repairing the vehicle. Here’s how to get to the repair times:

  1. Open the jobsheet for the vehicle for which you want to check the repair times, and then click on Lookup and select Repair Times from the actions bar.

  2. The window that opens displays a list of the vehicle’s various mechanisms, from which you can select the mechanism that you are working on repairing. The information guides you step by step based on where the parts are located in the vehicle.

  3. After selecting the exact parts and mechanism that you require, a description of the work involved as well as the time required to repair the part(s) is provided. You can now choose what to include in the Include column and select Add Lines to Document from the actions bar. Each labour description is added a Group with the respective document lines under it.

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