Autodata Seamless Integration in Garage Hive

Autodata Seamless Integration, which can be accessed via the Jobsheets, Estimates, and Vehicle Inspection Estimates, is a feature in Garage Hive that allows the user to directly access technical information for the vehicle from the Autodata Website, such as vehicle service, repair, diagnostics, and so on. Here’s how to access it:

  1. From the document that you are working in as the Service Advisor, which may be an Estimate, Jobsheet or Vehicle Inspection Estimate, select Lookup from the actions bar, and then Autodata Workshop Application. This launches a new browser tab, and filters the vehicle details for the vehicle in the document that you are viewing.
  2. You can now access all the vehicle’s technical information on the Autodata Website.

  3. If you are logged in as a Technician, you need to Open the Jobsheet you are working on and select History from the actions bar, followed by Autodata Workshop Application. This takes you to the Autodata Website.

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